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Matching Your Pool Design to Your Home Style

Building a custom pool can add significant value to your Arizona home – not to mention what it will do for your enjoyment of your home. Just imagine how it would feel to come home every day to a sparkling blue pool backed by a trickling waterfall and surrounded by lush foliage and a beautiful, cedar deck. You could lounge under the stars with a cocktail in your hand or swim lazily in the cool water on a hot, summer day. How wonderful does that sound?

To start, you’ll need to think about what you want in your dream pool, and then you’ll need to contact a custom pool builder in Scottsdale to get started. During the design process, you’ll want to think about how you can match the design of your pool to the style of your home so that you create a harmonious look. You may even want to talk with an architectural drafting company to get some ideas or some guidance on the technical aspects of the process.

matching your pool design to your home style

Here are a few things you will need to think about to make sure your pool design complements the style of your home:

Size of Your Yard

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can dream up for your pool, but your yard’s the limit when it comes to what you can actually build. And the size of your yard doesn’t just limit the size of your pool; it also limits the design of your pool. Not all designs can be scaled down and still work.

If you have a small yard, you need to think about a simpler pool design. Otherwise, the pool will dwarf your yard, which will either dwarf your home, as well, or will detract from the beauty of your home by creating a more crowded appearance.

john anthony architectural styled homeArchitectural Style

If you have a beautiful Victorian home, you shouldn’t get a sleek, modern pool with an infinity edge and a metal fire pit. The styles contrast too starkly. While this example might seem obvious, there are many other bad pairings that might not seem as clear. You need to talk with a custom pool builder or an architectural drafting company like John Anthony Drafting and Design to get a better understanding of the home style and how that should inform the pool style.

Your pool should be seen as an extension of your home. Make sure their styles complement one another to protect your long-term investment.


One of the easiest ways to sync the style of your pool with the style of your home is to choose complementary or matching colors. In Arizona, earthen colors like terra cotta, tan, and rust are popular for housing since these colors blend with the desert landscape well. You can easily match these colors in your pool design through the tile choice, decking, or pavers.

Look at every element of your pool and its accessories to find opportunities for color coordination. You don’t have to match colors, but you should ensure that they complement each other, just as you would the furniture and accessories in a room in your home.

Pool Deck

Around the pool will be either a wooden deck or a paved patio. The patio can be poured concrete or different types of pavers. The choices you make for your deck or patio can have a big influence on the style of your pool and how well it suits the style of your home.

For example, if you have a brick home, you may decide to lay a brick patio around the pool or to include a brick border that leads into a concrete patio. The brick provides a connection between the home and the pool. You can create similar harmony through your choice of color, style, or material for your deck or patio.

matching pool to home with water features and decksWater Features and Plants

The water features and plants around your pool can provide a transition between your home and pool, creating a more cohesive design. The right choices can make it seem as if the pool is a natural extension of the home, rather than something you are trying to connect through accessories.

Choose plants that complement both the home and the pool. The plants can fill the awkward spaces between the home and pool, and they can enhance features of both. Water features can include fountains, jets, and even water falls. These can be connected to the home or used to fill in or accent spaces just like the plants.

The right choices can help you get a beautiful pool that makes your Arizona home look more beautiful, as well. An architectural drafting company in Scottsdale like John Anthony Drafting and Design can help you with the process by providing a 3D model of your home and providing suggestions for architectural details.

A custom pool builder like True Blue Pools can help you finalize the design for your pool and bring it to life. True Blue Pools also specializes in pool remodeling in Scottsdale if you want to transform your current pool to give it more features and enhance its style. We create everything from simple pools that help you cool off on a hot day to large, spa-like pools loaded with features and flanked by tropical foliage. Call us in Arizona to learn more about pool remodeling or to start the design process.

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