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Arcadia Architecture

With its lush, mature landscape, and its large parcels found in Arcadia this Ranch Style home fits in perfectly.  The proposed 3400 sq. ft. home has all the amenities the client requested, and stylistically exactly what was envisioned.  Every bit of available lot coverage was used in the design, keeping only the existing pool on this site.  Staying with the Arcadia style home theme certainly makes this custom home design a winner in today’s market!

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    Kitchen-2 Great-Room-3 Via-Dona-32 Via-Dona-24 sapphire_06 sapphire_17
  • 3D Rendering

    Modern-Industrial-3D-Render Paradise-Valley-Contemporary Indian-Bend-View-3-Alternate-Stone_Vibrant HINTZEN-MODEL-REVISED-LOGO Clinton-View-4 Pima-Acres-Scottsdale
  • 3D Modeling

    Augustin-Massing-View-17 Indian-Bend-Massing-View-14 Scottsdale 3D Model Pima Acres 3D model Paradise Valley Contemporary 3D Model Arcadia 3D Model
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