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Custom Construction Document by John Anthony Drafting & Design

Although designing is a huge part of the process, nothing is more important than how the design becomes reality.   Construction documents are an accumulation of all the necessary plan sheets to effectively coordinate and build the proposed design, as well as for permit approval.  Ease of construction, cost effectiveness, length of build, longevity, aesthetics, etc., are all affected by the quality, clarity, and precision of the construction documents.

Knowing quality method of construction techniques is the key, and the best way to acquire this knowledge is through hands on experience.  This knowledge is what makes a good architectural designer, and excels him or her above all the competition.  Improper or generic detailing can lead to a multitude of challenges, all increasing cost, and in some cases creating architectural flaws that cannot be fixed.  Another major challenge becomes evident upon the bidding process.  Builders and subcontractors use the construction set to bid accordingly, if detailing on the plans is not  properly done,  it’s a good chance the builder/sub will use the most cost effective method of construction.  Ultimately to keep the bid as low as possible, thus helping to secure the job.

Most people will not recognize job quality until it’s too late, hence the need for plans that effectively and accurately detail method of construction.  Saving money is a good thing, but if not done properly,  will have negative results.  I incorporate Value Engineering throughout the process, and this will always save money while producing a better quality product.  I generate all details based on individual job, and avoid generic detailing.  Building sections are generated using actual material dimensions and quality building techniques, and combine years of proven hands on framing techniques.  Below are examples of construction documents of residential home remodel and new build.


Construction Documents – Remodel


Construction Documents – New Build


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