Paradise Valley Arizona Design Build Floor Plan

In today’s economy having a win-win situation for both client and contractor has never been more important. Within the design-build concept all construction responsibilities are consolidated into a single contract, from concept to finished product. This single source of responsibility is a key component in the optimization of the home building process, where designer-builder can ensure the owner’s goals are ultimately met with the highest satisfactions. Traditional methods regarding the construction process typically separates owners, designers, and builders, thus forcing a multiple part equation that tends to be counter productive as a whole. Each entities main focus being it’s own individual needs, which will lead to poor quality, higher cost, and time delays. It’s easy to see why bringing all parties together in a more cohesive partnership you optimize the home building process, ultimately making design-build the choice of the future.


Design-Build Advantage

Custom 3D modeling by John Anthony Drafting & DesignThe advantages are statically proven for the client choosing a design-build program, by reducing waste, saving time, and cutting cost. Although these three factors alone will produce huge benefits, there is much more for optimizing the process. From having the design team work directly with client and builder, allowing method of construction techniques to be clearly identified, thus forcing Value Engineering throughout the entire project. To builder working with budgetary numbers to provide a concise material, equipment, and appliance schedule to architectural design team at initial concept. The accumulation of all aspects of design-build over the entire project is priceless, as this optimization process will not only cut time and reduce cost, but will increase quality. Having a single source of responsibility is the deciding factor for bringing all parties together for the most efficient and cooperative partnership.


Design-Build Process

Scottsdale Arizona Design Build 3D RenderingThe process starts with open, honest, and clear communication between design-builder and client. With the project scope clearly identified and agreed upon, it’s time to start the conceptual design phase with an architectural designer. Site and floor plan will be generated quickly, taking careful consideration of all planning both present and future. Volume is extremely important when designing a home, and showing typical furnishing, vehicles, etc. is a must. This allows the client a clear view for space planning of their new home, and the ability to be secure when confirming the floor plan and moving towards 3D model & rendering. Generally speaking, it’s not easy to envision perspective when looking at a 2D image, hence the need for producing a highly accurate 3D Model. Designs are finalized by generating photorealistic 3D renders, allowing the client to see photo quality images of their dream home prior to construction.




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