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Why use an architectural drafting service?
Can I do it myself?

The importance of using an Arizona architectural drafting serviceThere are many reasons Phoenix individuals want to get construction done for a space. It can be for a new home construction, a rental property, a home renovation, as well as business and commercial use.

We have had clients ask us why they need to get architectural drawings done, when they could potentially just do this themselves.

Of course it is true that you as an individual can have an excellent design sense and can have a really good idea of how you envision a space to look. Maybe you are redoing your kitchen and you have gone to General Contractors and seen floor models and you know exactly how you want the ideal kitchen in your home to be. From the types of cabinets and countertops to where the sink and stove should be – you have it all worked out.

The reason for a Phoenix architectural drawing is this is a more technical process where we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to do your drawing according to modern conventions in the design and architectural world. This means that the drawings we do are going to be value engineered. You will have drawings that are not just some designer in Home Depot who is telling you what you want to hear but you will have drawings that take into account plumbing, electrical and gas lines. You will have something that can be implemented rather than something that theoretically can be implemented but in practicality falls apart and ends up costing you a lot more money. The old adage about being “penny wise and pound foolish” applies here. You may save money on the front end by not doing the professional architectural drawings but time and time again we see this quite frankly coming back to bite people and ending up costing you more.

This can be very helpful if you need to communicate ideas and concepts to others in order to get approval and to hand to a building contractor to construct exactly as you want it.

Whether you are remodeling an existing home, building a new home, creating a business or simply doing a part of the structure, both inside and out, professionally done architectural drawings can be a big help.

Technological advancements have made the architectural field very exciting and in the past where we could deliver only drawings to customers, you are now getting state of the art computerized models that can fit any need and can be adapted to suit the result you want. So the answer to “Do I need to get professional architectural drafting services done or can I do it myself?” is of course you can do it yourself. Just like you can do your own plumbing, electrical work or any other highly technical field. You can do it yourself or you can have someone do it for you 100% professionally and have the confidence that it is being done right.

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