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Tucson & Oro Valley
Drafting and Custom Home Design

While some American cities are in a state of decline, others, like the Tucson and Oro Valley area are growing at a phenomenal rate.

Tucson Arizona

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona, with a population of about one million. Together, Phoenix and Tucson are known as the anchors of the Arizona Sun Corridor. The Tucson/Oro Valley area experienced a dramatic population growth over the years. The City of Tucson, as well as the private sector is committed to creating a growing, healthy economy. Tourism is a major contributing force in the economy, bringing in over $2 billion per year and over 3.5 million visitors annually due to Tucson’s numerous resorts and attractions.

Oro Valley Arizona

Oro Valley sits in the beautiful western foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The Tortolita Mountains are located north of the town, and vistas of the Tucson valley can be seen from the south. The majority of homes in the Oro Valley area were built by individual land owners on large lots, often individual in style. Over the last few years Oro Valley has appeared in numerous magazines being given the distinctions of; one of the “10 Best Towns for Families”, one of the top “100 best places to live in the US”, one of the “100 best places to live and launch a business”, and it boasts the lowest crime rate of all of Arizona’s cities with populations over 5000.

Naturally all of this has brought exploding home values in these areas. If you are seeking to build a custom home in the area, consider consulting an architectural draftsman. As a less costly alternative to an architect or buying home plans from a web site or magazine, having a home designed by a draftsman with years of field experience can produce the custom style, high quality home you desire.

Architecturally Designed Custom Home Tucson ArizonaA draftsman with actual construction experience understands the methods of construction techniques necessary to produce a high quality, cost effective product. Furthermore, a draftsman with many years of experience drawing blueprints and designing homes can save you from some common errors made by architects. Sometimes an architect less experienced in construction will design spaces that span too great an area. While these spans may calculate on paper, they are not taking into consideration the expense or availability of the load bearing elements needed to span that space, including the truss design. Some architecturally designed roof lines look amazing but are often not practical relative to the other load bearing elements, and if the roof has multiple hips and ridge lines it is not always feasible to make them line up in a way that can accommodate the trusses. In addition, an architect may not understand the need for energy efficiency in a home.

At John Anthony Drafting & Design you will benefit from 33 years of experience in the business. I began my construction experience in 1978. I completed a four year program in Electrical Trades, including commercial, industrial, and residential training. Upon completion of this program I worked as a construction engineer for South West Beef, a welder for Mallon Brothers, a Maintenance Electrician for Kauffman and Broad, and eventually became a carpenter. I constructed apartments, condos, modular, residential track, and semi custom homes, and eventually finding myself in a high end custom home industry. Since the year 2005, I have had the opportunity to build elite homes in the valley, designed by sought after architects.
Having comprehensive knowledge of all related trades, and many years of field experience is my advantage in designing a custom home. This knowledge is invaluable when assisting someone in designing their dream home.

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