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Paradise Valley Design-Build Services

Owning a custom home is a dream for many. Not only does a custom home allow you to own something that will stand apart from all the other homes you see, but it also allows you to get everything you want and need in your new living environment. Working with a design-builder has been statically proven the most effective approach to optimizing the building process, from concept to finish product.

With a design builder, you have a single point of contact rather than several sources to communicate with. This system allows you to feel more confident about the process, while reducing the risk of problems arising from miscommunication. Ultimately, by creating a cohesive partnership that facilitates a higher level for success.


The Advantages of a Design-Build

Consider hiring a design builder a win-win situation. You’ll be streamlining the process, which translates into lower overall cost, higher quality, less waste, and a significant reduction in time verses conventional methods.

A design builder will be able to provide more accurate estimates for cost, and the projects time lines. Communication will be more effective, leading to a very concise and controlled building experience for everyone involved. The end result is a process with less waste for everyone, which translates into huge savings for the client, measured in both time and money.

That’s a benefit that is increasingly important in today’s economy, which is still limping toward recovery. Don’t waste your time trying to manage multiple vendors for your home construction project. Hire a design-builder and enjoy a more efficient process.


How a Design-Build Works

Before a design builder can create your Paradise Valley dream home, the builder needs to have a very clear understanding about your wants and needs. Therefore, before pen is ever put to paper, the majority of work will be communicating. A detailed scope of work will be accumulated based on budget and vision. Open communication with the design build team will effectively make that vision come true.

Within the conceptual design phase all elements of the construction project will be identified.Considerations for day-to-day needs, furniture, amities, vehicles size and use, future planning, etc…. Concept designs will be generated until client is 100% satisfied. 3D modeling and rendering will facilitate the process by creating accurate perspective images that help visualization. The final step of this phase is producing photorealistic images of the home, giving both client and all entities involved a clear image of design goals.

John Anthony Drafting & Design is dedicated to helping you create the Paradise Valley home of your dreams. Our firm makes clients partners in the design build process. We listen carefully to your vision, and offer you several options that will work seamlessly within your overall design and style. Our process is designed to help you get exactly what you want in your Paradise Valley home while also saving you time and money on the construction process. Call us today to start talking about your new Paradise Valley home and how we can help you.

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