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Cantera Design

Custom Arizona Cantera Designs by John Anthony Drafting & Design

This volcanic natural stone is found exclusively in various regions of Mexico and Central America.  The rock is formed by volcanic ash and dust washed into silt beds, which combines with lava rock, stone, and other various elements found in the earth.   The combination creates a porous light weight stone that works perfectly for carving.  Cantera comes in a multitude of natural colors and tones, and its texture is truly exquisite. This porous stones is able to absorb moisture without causing expansion, which makes it an excellent choice for all exterior applications and features.  The durable stone has stood for centuries throughout Latin America, making it a wonderful choice for your next building project!

John Anthony Drafting & Design offers a complete Cantera product, from choosing the color and designing, to installation.  With the help of Dennes Mikalacki a long time friend as well as a veteran in the building industry, we can provide top quality hand carved imported Cantera.  Our one of a kind creations are tailored to the style and uniqueness of the clients wants and needs, and each piece is developed with over 30 years combined experience.

Dennes, the owner of  Pro Set Ceramic Stone & Cantera  is a direct manufacture and supplier, and imports directly form the quarries in Mexico.  Also being a luxury home builder with Red Rock Custom Homes  makes him invaluable within the designing process.  This symbiotic relationship is unmatched in the industry, and although Cantera is considered a lightweight stone it’s application to modern building techniques is a challenge.  That’s where John Anthony Drafting & Design comes in, being an architectural designer with over 25 years of hands on building experience with masonry and wood structures, to metal fabrication.   This experience is priceless for creating a product not only aesthetically pleasing, but will stand the test of time.

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